Rick has been missing his front four teeth for 30 years, a fixed bridge from right canine to left canine has replaced these teeth for 20 years. The left canine has failed and cannot be saved, thus the bridge fails also. All solutions involve removing the left canine.

Solutions to replace missing teeth

1) removable partial denture

2) fixed bridge

3) Implants with crowns.

Rick chose Implants. Note: implants need a certain amount of bone thickness to hold them in. In Rick’s case his bone had thinned over thirty years of not having teeth, this bone will need to be built up to hold in the implants. (614) 775-9300 or (740)427-2929


Jeb felt that he looked like a jack-olantern, he was missing nearly every other tooth, some gaps were because he genetically did not develop certain teeth and some teeth were lost due to decay, for a time Jeb did not take care of his teeth be cause he did not like them. Goal: Jeb wants a complete smile & better chewing.

Solution Options:

1) Repair decayed and broken teeth and fill in missing teeth with a removable partial denture.

2) Use fixed bridge work to replace the missing teeth and restore the decayed / broken teeth.

3) Implants with crowns to replace the missing teeth and fillings & crowns to restore the decayed / broken teeth.


Tom has worn dentures for 27 years, and he has had three sets made over that time. This last set has really gotten loose, the upper drops down frequently when eating or laughing, the lower denture floats around and does not chew well. Goal: Tom wants solid teeth, like when he was 25. Solution: Dental Implants, 8 on the upper jaw and 5 on the lower jaw, which support new teeth anchored in bone.


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