What is good value as it pertains to money and good dental health? What is it worth to chew with your natural teeth? To have dentures that chew or stay put? To have teeth that do not hurt or cut your cheek or tongue? To Smile and not be self conscious? To not have bad breath or gum infection? To Smile and feel good? Only You Know the answers to these Questions, not your family members or friends,YOU. Dentistry can be a great value. A old farmer said to me, “You get what you don’t pay for”.

What are the costs? First there is time, it takes time to care for your teeth and gums. Time with the tooth brush, oral irrigator, tooth pick or dental floss. Time with the dental hygienist to maintain health gums and dentist to repair decayed, broken or missing teeth. And if you thought life was fair, you were wrong, some people need to spend more time to keep their mouth healthy than others. Second it can take money, if you are not genetically blessed or do not spend enough time.

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